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The Veterans’ and People’s Party is primarily based on the concept of an open-source manifesto, meaning it could be described as a “progressive, radical, libertarian Party”: one that combines the best ideas from the left and right of politics whilst adding fresh, radical, thinking and a long term vision. It could also be described as syncretic.

Our members are real people, they have not been earmarked for government 10 years before at Eton or any other establishment schools. We will not be the puppets of the bankers, big business or the unions, unlike the main two parties who are too busy fighting each other to fix the country. Their short term thinking has failed to equip and serve the people of our country effectively, leading it into decline. We will, with your support, seek to change that.

Our Values

We believe that government should be:

• Open: transparent, genuinely representative and accountable, with no hiding place for backroom influence.

• Democratic: that democracy should constantly evolve to ensure citizens develop new opportunities to hold the establishment to account, and that ensuring this should be a core function of Government.

• Rational: with decisions and policy based on sound and scientific evidence.

• Courageous: able to make difficult long-term decisions without pandering to short-termism.

• Ethical: dedicated to creating a sustainable environment, society and economy with progressive moral values, working first and foremost for the benefit of all its citizens rather than for the wealthiest.

• Internationalist: delivering co-ordinated trade, defence, development and foreign policies that openly reflect our values.

We believe that individuals should be:

• Free to act in any manner that does not harm another individual and does not infringe upon the rights of other individuals.

• Able to enjoy a fundamental right to privacy from the state or its agents, subject to societal norms and legislation.

• Equal and free from discrimination or harm on the basis of their sex, sexuality, disability, race, age or religion, and that a paradigm shift in attitudes is needed for this to be achieved.

We believe the citizens of the United Kingdom want change. 

We want to be governed by politicians who believe in our values, particularly the values of Courage, Honesty and Integrity and who will represent us all honestly and to the best of their abilities. No longer will we accept self-serving Members of Parliament who put their own and their parties’ interests before us, the constituents they serve.

We want to see action not promises. We will no longer accept the destruction of the United Kingdom through the incompetencies of career politicians who join a big boys’ club devoted to keeping power and helping the rich get richer at any cost.

Our Party will fight to expose these politicians and their hidden practices.

Our Party will change the face of UK politics.

We will fight to introduce policies and laws that treat every citizen of the United Kingdom fairly, respectfully and, above all, honestly.

We will produce a manifesto that shows what the people want; not the same tired old manifestos produced by the major parties full of promises to placate their voters, all of which are not worth the paper they are written on and will be broken as and when it serves their parties’ best interests.

We will not be handcuffed by the constraints of political correctness and positive discrimination. We believe every patriotic, law abiding, citizen of the United Kingdom deserves the same equal rights and opportunities, our Party will strive to ensure they have those rights.

Let us release the quiet involvement and passion that has been shouted down by others, and once again shout it loud and clear to bring back the morals and values our great country has always held and which have been envied the world over.

No longer will we accept attacks against the very fabric of our society, letting those in power systematically destroy the quality and sanctity of our lives, especially those of vulnerable people in our society.

We will put our values and the views of the public first and make decisions based on our core values of courage, honour and integrity.

Courage to face the difficult decisions and do the right thing.

Honour in behaving and representing the wishes of the citizens of the United Kingdom without prejudice in an open, transparent and united way.

Integrity beyond reproach by admitting our honest mistakes, learning from them and striving to do better in the future.

We do not underestimate the task in hand and the obstacles and difficulties we will face. However, with the support of like-minded patriotic citizens of the United Kingdom, we believe we can change the current two-faced and self-serving attitude of UK Politics.

Many of us have sworn an oath of allegiance to Queen and Country to protect the United Kingdom. We face threats from foes, both foreign and domestic. There is no bigger threat to our country than the current destruction of our way of life and the core values we as a nation hold dear.

So we ask you, are you prepared to help us in this fight and put the Great back into Britain; to make our countries a United Kingdom, the place we want our children and grandchildren to grow up?