Positional Statement

For far too long successive Governments, the traditional parties and the establishment have distanced themselves from the electorate, leading many to now feel totally disenfranchised, frustrated and no longer able to trust our career politicians. Alongside this, a distrust of a biased media, failures in the judicial system and the thought that our elected representatives are not delivering their promises but instead have become self-serving individuals benefiting from their office at the expense of the country and the people, means that we face a toxic and broken relationship which is failing the country daily.

The repeated expenses and sex scandals that have not only rocked Westminster and other political arenas have now grown to encompass almost every area of public life. The failure by the current flock of MPs who had promised to clean house and stop the rot has left the British public extremely angry. Their inability to change, modernise and move away from the adversarial point scoring and braying at each other across the floor of the Commons, means that the current establishment, many of whom have been groomed since the age of 10 for a parliamentary career, have failed to act responsibly and ethically as they promised they would do. It also shows their utter contempt for the electorate, the people who put them there in the first place. The public have made quite clear that they are fed up with all of this.

Given their failure to act, we their employers, have decided to act. Many of our members have served or fought for our country and its people and with the support of those members who are not veterans and the great British public, we are now fighting once again to save the UK and our way of life.


Consultation, Participation and Democracy
The Veterans’ and People’s Party exists to build and safeguard a free and open society in which we seek to balance the fundamental values of liberty, equality and community, and in which no one should be enslaved by poverty, ignorance or conformity. We champion the freedom, dignity and wellbeing of individuals, we acknowledge and respect their right to freedom of conscience and their right to develop their talents to the full.

We aim to work in partnership with the British public to disperse power, foster diversity and nurture creativity. We believe the role of the State is to enable all citizens to retain these ideals, contribute fully to their communities and play an active role in the decisions affecting their lives. This would include, but not be limited to contributing and suggesting changes to political policy, political and social reform and the pressing issues facing the country.

We fully believe in, champion and respect the democratic mandate of the people of the United Kingdom, the sovereignty of the United Kingdom as a nation and the full authority of its people in the governance and direction of our nation. To that end we will listen to the public, consult with them on policy and reform, represent and champion their concerns, speak for them and seek change where there are issues of injustice, challenging, where necessary, political tradition, intransigence, short-termism and elitism.

Electoral Reform
We believe in a free and fair electoral system that truly represents the actual desire, vote and expressed wishes of the electorate, one where everyone’s vote is valued and counts, not just a small majority. We call for an end to the ‘First Past The Post’ electoral system and it’s replacement by the ‘Single Transferable Vote’ system of proportional representation.

Criminal Justice
We believe that the Criminal Justice system, by failing victims and the public far too often, is in need of total reform. We believe in the equality of all citizens before the law, as determined by our elected representatives in Parliament.

We believe in a judicial and prison system that provides true justice, punishment and rehabilitation. One that is fit for the 21st Century and one where sentences are not automatically reduced ahead of the convicted person serving their sentence. We call for the automatic reduction of sentences because of a guilty plea or good behaviour to be abandoned. Prison must be seen as a deterrent and sentences must be uniform and just to ensure public confidence.

We believe that criminals do not fear prison when they should. We believe that repeat offenders should serve increased lengths of sentence when punished and that those who repeat serious crimes, where harm or injury is caused intentionally, should be removed from our communities and society for longer.

We believe consideration should be given to a ‘three strikes and out’ policy for certain crimes where life means life. We do not believe that a life sentence of 12-15 years is life. We believe that a sum of 35+ years is the least a criminal sentenced to life should receive. Anyone who commits a repeated life tariff criminal offence, or who commits numerous life tariff crimes, should be locked up for the rest of their natural life.

We believe that the United Kingdom must cease to be a member of the European Union and that our Government must place the interests of the British people and our country first and foremost before those of other nations, whilst maintaining cordial relations.

We believe that all our elected and public representatives, service provider, public servants must be fully accountable and offer transparency to the British public.

Freedom of Speech
We believe in the democratic right to freedom of speech, excluding only direct incitement to violence or revolt. We believe that the country and free speech has suffered due to political correctness, where genuine concern and debate expressed over issues affecting the UK and its peoples have been silenced and where citizens have been branded racist, bigots and nazis just for expressing such concern. This is wrong and must be changed to prevent a rise in extremists viewpoints and groups which will present a clear and present danger to our freedom, our way of life.

We believe in respecting the beliefs and cultures of others whilst maintaining and preserving traditional British values, liberties and laws. We believe in freedom of thought and the rights of the individual to assent to or reject without penalty, any philosophical, political, or religious belief system. We believe that all individuals and communities that settle in the UK should accept the values and freedoms of the UK, rather than seeking to establish alternative values bases that are not conducive to the values of the UK or established international human rights.

We believe that the entire UK taxation system needs to be reviewed.  Tax evasion must be eliminated. Taxation should be made easier and more fair for all who live and work here. Efficiency of operation, collection and accountability must be increased. We should aim for full compliance and payment by all who trade in the UK.

Sharia Law
We reject the implementation of Sharia Law in the UK as incompatible with British values, customs, legislation and internationally accepted human rights. We call for an end in the UK of Sharia Law in any and all forms.

We believe in a free market and economy.

Dangers to British Life
We believe that there is great danger in the further polarisation of society and the breakdown of community that has arisen in the UK; that the far right, Marxist left and Islamist extremist groups present a clear and present danger to our life and values within the UK. We believe that these groups harm the wellbeing of British life and community cohesion, and that they should be proscribed for the benefit of all citizens who love and value democracy and the UK.


• Transparent partnership politics.

• A party that consults and listens to you, basing policy on your concerns and placing the UK and its people first.

• Long term, sustainable, thinking rather than short term fudge.

• Progressive and radical thinking and policies.

• Reduction of financial waste at all levels of Government.

• Seek an end to political and public service corruption.

• Make elected members truly accountable to the electorate, those who have placed them in their positions of influence.

• An end to all tax evasion schemes by big businesses, celebrities, etc.

• A total reform of the current tax system.

• The immediate banning of the Hezbollah political arm in the UK and of Britain First.

• A total review of the UK immigration system and the implementation of a points system that serves our nation.

• The enforcement of current migration laws as a matter of urgency and the deportation of foreign criminals and illegal immigrants.

• The restoration of free speech and debate, and an end to politically correct police prioritisation of hate crimes whilst ignoring Islamic hate crime that occurs openly on our streets.

• A Royal Commission on Parliamentary Reform.

• A People’s Poll.

• A top to tail reform of our education system with an end to the political indoctrination of children in schools – children should be taught to think, not what to think.

• A Key-worker Housing Investment and Saving Scheme.

• An end to the current UK housing crisis by increasing the supply of social, affordable and other housing provision, thereby reducing demand.

• A full review of Foreign Aid and International Development, including stopping aid payments to nations who have their own space and nuclear programmes and to those who are not suffering from a disaster or humanitarian crisis.

• Investment of money saved by the above in our NHS, Education, Police, Fire, Ambulance, Probation and Prison Services.

• A Royal Commission to address the failings in the Criminal Justice arena and Judiciary, including a review of sentencing. If you commit criminal acts you should expect to serve the full sentence, not to have your sentence reduced by a percentage for confessing to that crime or good behaviour. Prison should be seen as a deterrent,

• Rebuild our armed forces to acceptable peacetime levels.

• Prosecution of all FGM (female genital mutilation) and child marriage practitioners, and the deportation of those practitioners where not UK Citizens.

• An urgent and proper investigation of extremists and jihadi groups in the UK, with the aim of imprisoning or removing all who pose a risk to the safety of the British people.

• The introduction of a National ID Card and Database Service, without which access to public services, the right to vote, housing, access to the NHS, etc, is reduced or removed.

• Increased funding of services that track, tackle and arrest paedophiles both on and offline, thus negating the need for members of the public to engage as paedophile hunting teams currently undertaking such work.

• Seek to make lying to Parliament a criminal offence.

The Party is still working on other Policy areas, and will continue to consult our supporters, members, candidates and the UK public. If you would like to contribute to that process please register for our newsletters, join the website forum where you will be able to contribute as well as debate with supporters and members on a variety of topics and/or join us and help us to protect the UK and our way of life.